So the session is booked and now you have the dilemma of what to wear!   How should I co-ordinate?


Be comfortable and be you!  Shopping for clothes is fun, but be careful what you pick out!  After wearing it 3 or 4 times, you may not love it as much!   You know that outfit in your wardrobe that you fell in love with in the store and just had to have, and wore it once!  More fitted clothing is better than baggy clothing as they enhance your shape..   Stick with clothes that you already own and love wearing and you know you look good and feel confident in!  

Natural, solid colors work the best for photographs, that way you are the star and not your clothes!   Very bold stripes and patterns will generally become dominant, when looking back at your photographs.  Avoid wearing 'highlighter' colors you may have used in school, these are very difficult to blend in to almost every background!   Light colors/white come forward and can become very dominant, dark colors recede when you look at photographs, so neutral tones, blues, greens, grays etc work well. ​


Avoid those hilarious graphic tees, whilst they are funny and fun to wear casually, you don't want to look back and wonder why you wore that for photographs, unless there is some true personal meaning behind it, of course! Words often get cut when photographing as I am looking for the perfect angle to show you at your best.....so just beware!!

Layers, layers, layers...don't be afraid to pile it on!   Accessories, scarves, hats, belts, boots...a properly accessorized outfit adds visual interest to your photographs. 

Textures are also important. Think twill, corduroy, denim, beads, feathers etc  Textures really add something special to images and add dimension.

Showing off your culture and tradition is great, my husband loves to wear his Kilt, if and when he gets the chance!   It is unique and shows off where he is from!  

Remember when we are on location we will be kneeling, sitting, standing, lying and changing position, so bear that in mind when choosing clothing, again comfort is key!

Undergarments are also very important, please make sure that it is appropriate for your outfit, remember these are photographs you will cherish and look at for the rest of your life!

If you want to bring props thats great!  If you're bringing your lacrosse stick, it makes sense that you change into the full sports uniform!  Don't forget the ball or even the horse like Lexi did!

If you are changing into different outfits, make sure to mix it up, a dress, jeans and a cute blouse, think of textures, lengths of dresses if more than one, jeans and sweater for the guys, suits, smart pants and shirts, polos etc.   Mix it up!   I use a pop up changing room on location which makes for ease of changing!!


​And of course we all love Pinterest these days and there is lots of inspiration on there - check out my pinterest page by clicking the link above.

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